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TransAlign I.S.M. engineer, supply, install, service and refurbish all types of industrial drive systems using quality components.

High quality components such as

  • Sumitomo™


  • Centa

  • Dyna Gear

  • Falk

  • Funk

  • Rotex 

  • Hub City

Couplings are used for higher speed input interface between engine or electric motor and pumps or transmissions.

Genuine replacement parts used include:

  • Sumitomo™, 

  • Hansen,

  • Barlow,

  • Flender,

  • David Brown,

  • Lightnin,

  • Rossi,

  • Reynold,

  • Bonfiglioli.

Lubrication system service, refurbishment and upgrades are carried out using quality equipment including:

  • Lincoln

  • Ebsray 

  • Haight lubrication components

  • Glacier centrifuges

  • Hydac filtration 

  • Dynacool heat exchangers

Each system is engineered to specific application requirements of system cleanliness in balance with client expectations of capital and maintenance costing.

Industrial Transmissions: Services
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