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TransAlign I.S.M. has developed techniques to solve challenging ON-SITE MACHINING tasks. Using unique hydraulic tooling which is designed in-house and continuously improved, we complete our client’s objectives in record time. Complimentary services include laser alignment of drive couplings, flat bed and straightness surveying, thermal growth monitoring and we specialise industrial drive systems.

TransAlign I.S.M. has a comprehensive range of In Situ (on Site) Machining equipment and the experienced personnel to carry out on site boring, facing, turning, milling and grinding. Digitally controlled equipment including five line boring machines, four facing machines and four portable milling units afford flexibility when refurbishments to mining, power generation, oil & gas, and other heavy industrial equipment. Whether a surface is flat, circular, cylindrical or even tapered; our machines can be adapted to suit. Where necessary the parent material can be built up / reclaimed and machined to as-new or improved specifications.

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